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What is Loudar?

Loudar is a music video revolution for all AU & NZ musicians!

Loudar connects artists and performers with their fans, followers, agents and talent scouts.

Loudar provides a genuine long-term income opportunity for artists, agents and talent scouts.

Loudar transforms online performances into real-world career opportunities.

Earn, Win and Get Seen

Join as an independent artist or create a profile for the artist you manage.
Make money, Win competitions, Get Discovered and Explore New Career Opportunities!
Showcase your talent by uploading your music videos or by streaming the performance live on Loudar – where you will be seen and receive votes from your fans – each vote you get will make you money, help you to win competitions, gain industry recognition and even book gigs in your area!

Discover and Support new talent

Engage with your loved artists or discover amazing talent. Explore the best AU and NZ signed and independent musicians uploading fresh content daily.
Help your favourite artists get noticed, earn instant income and boost their position in talent rankings.
Increase their chance to get seen by industry representatives and event organisers by voting on their videos. You will also be able to interact with your favourite artists by chatting with them through direct communication and live streaming.

Share, Invite and earn

Loudar gives everyone a chance to earn money. You don’t have to be a musician!
As a Loudar member, you can generate an income by discovering fresh and talented artists, inviting them to Loudar and promoting their content online!

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