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Loudar for Artists

Earn, Win and Get Seen

Join as an independent artist or create a profile for the artist you manage.
Make money, Win competitions, Get Discovered and Explore New Career Opportunities!
Showcase your talent by uploading your music videos or by streaming the performance live on Loudar – where you will be seen and receive votes from your fans – each vote you get will make you money, help you to win competitions, gain industry recognition and even book gigs in your area!


Generate Income

Once you upload your music videos to Loudar – fans can View, Like, Share and Vote for you.

Each time you receive a vote, you earn money – So the more votes you get the more money you earn!

Fans pay $1 for each vote and you receive a minimum of 50% from this amount, which means you can earn at least $0.50 for every vote that you receive, and that’s just the beginning!

In addition, you can create paid Live Streaming events and also receive 50% of revenue from sold tickets.

As you increase your popularity and accumulate more votes, you will also collect points which advance your position on the Loudar Ranking Charts. As you progress onto the next level, you will also earn additional cash bonuses and increase your percentage of revenue from votes received (read more about Loudar Ranking System).

The revenue which you generate from votes will be allocated to your Loudar wallet. When you have collected AUD$50 in your wallet, you may withdraw the funds to your nominated bank account using the Account Setting Panel.

Loudar offers additional tools to generate online income: you have the chance to Win Competitions and become a Talent Agent & Talent Scout.

Win Competitions

Win the Loudar Grand Final and receive a $ cash prize! (prize announced soon)

To enter for the Grand Final – submit your videos to one of our monthly competitions, which will also give you the chance to win a $ cash prize! (prize announced soon)

Each month the top 3 winners qualify for the Grand Final!

The contestants will also gain publicity and exposure (internet, radio, TV) as well as other exciting prizes (prizes announced soon).

Throughout the year – there will be 11 monthly competitions, and on the 12th month, the Grand Final will take place. To participate in an upcoming monthly competition, simply submit one of your videos from your uploads (Submission period begins one month prior to the start of the competition). Once the competition is open, your video will be viewable by all users and open for voting for the entire month.

The top 3 videos which received the most votes during this month will qualify the contestant for the Grand Final.

What if you don’t win one of the monthly competitions? Do you still have a chance to enter the Grand Final?

Yes! In addition to the monthly winners, we will also be selecting special contestants that have stood out during the competition year and achieved outstanding success on the Loudar Ranking Charts – so even if you don’t win one of the competitions – don’t give up – you still have a chance to enter and win the Grand Final! Just keep active and continue to promote your videos and collect as many votes as possible!

Read more about Loudar Ranking System

Starting your Loudar Journey

Look great on Loudar. Your Artist Profile reflects your unique identity. Upload your cover and profile photos, write your biography and upload photos to your gallery to impress your viewers and fans.

Your artist profile is where you put all of your videos, live streaming and live events. All uploaded content can be monitored allowing you to see how your videos are performing on Loudar – by viewing the number of votes received, reviews and comments. It also shows the total revenue coming from fan votes. Simply access the Setting and Info Icon on the video thumbnail to view or edit details.

  • You are able to see a list of people who followed you and communicate with them by sending and receiving personal messages.
  • You also have the ability to create multiple playlists which may be later followed and played by your fans.
  • View all received and given votes, Viral Agent or Talent Scout revenues, by viewing your profile Activity stats.

Upload your video

Showcase your talent by uploading Music Videos to your Profile. This will allow you to increase your online exposure, increase your chance of winning competitions and generate a better income.

To start uploading click on your Profile Image to access the Upload New Video feature.

To help generate more views and votes – select your genre, create a unique cover image, tag your videos, add descriptions and even the inspiration behind your performance to make your content stand out from the rest of the pack.

Once you publish your video, Loudar will notify you about your viewers’ reactions.

Build your audience

Click Share to invite your social media followers to watch and support your talent on Loudar.

By using the Share button on your videos you increase your chance of generating more votes and additional income coming from the Talent Agent revenue system.

Invite new fans to follow your profile by sending them personal messages.

More views and votes make your video more popular and can be featured to new fans via the homepage Recommended or Trending Talent gallery.

Stay in touch with your fans

Loudar is keeping your fans up to date for you. Every time you post new content or announce an event your fans get notified.

You also receive notifications when fans vote or comment on your content or are interested in upcoming events. This allows you to get in touch directly with your fans and supporters by sending them personal messages and ‘Thanks’ for their support.

It is also possible to communicate with your fans via Video comments, Profile Discussions, Live streaming or Live Event Chat.

Entertain your fans live

Live Streaming Events

Earn money from Votes on your Live Streaming videos! Perform your music in real time and receive votes from fans watching you live online.

Loudar allows you to Stream Live Now or Schedule Upcoming Events or Online Concerts.

When you create a Live Streaming event it will be displayed in the Public Concert Gallery of Live or Upcoming Live Streams as well as on your Personal Artist Profile.

All your followers will be notified about Upcoming Events and If they are interested in they can click on the ‘Remind Me’ button and receive notifications 1 day and 1h before the Event Stream begins.

Invite more people to your upcoming Live Streaming Event by sharing your Streaming Event through social media.

After the Live Streaming is finished you are able to save the video to your uploads, and continue receiving votes on this video.


Paid Live Streaming

You have the opportunity to generate additional income through Paid Streaming Events by setting up ticket prices for people wanting to join and watch you live. You’ll receive 50% of the revenue coming from the sold tickets.

Use the Paid Live Streaming Event – like a form of online busking or even a platform to set up a ‘Funding Event’
(think of Fundme donation pages or even large charity type concerts where artists use music as a promotional tool to bring awareness to an event, cause, person, or group of people in need…. Or maybe you are saving up for a new instrument or someone you know needs some financial help – reach out to your fans and promote your live feed and present your reason for this event to generate more interest and potential votes to stimulate your income.)


Live Events

Invite your fans to your Louder Live Events.

When you create a Live Event it will be displayed in the public gallery of Live Events as well as on your Artist Profile. All your fans will be notified about this event.

So if they are interested they can click on the ‘I’m Going!’ button and receive the notification the same day the event is happening.

Invite more people to your upcoming event by sharing your Live Event through your social media platforms.

Connect with Event Organisers in your Area

Connect with event organisers in your area – to help book gigs!

Loudar will give event organisers an opportunity to search for local talent and if they are impressed with your musical abilities then they can reach out and offer work at their events.