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Loudar for Fans

Discover and Support directly your favourite artists

Engage with your loved artists or discover amazing talent. Explore the best AU and NZ signed and independent musicians uploading fresh content daily.

Help your favourite artists get noticed, earn instant income and boost their position in talent rankings.

Increase their chance to get seen by industry representatives and event organisers by voting on their videos.

You will also be able to interact with your favourite artists by chatting with them through direct communication and live streaming.

Win exciting prizes and competitions by supporting your favourite artists!



Discover new talent

Browse and explore the Australian and New Zealand Online Music Scene – featuring both signed and independent artists, showcasing their talent through music videos, with fresh content uploaded daily.

Discover amazing talent in your favourite genres, search by location to support local talent or find out who is leading in the country Rankings based on Votes and Loudar Competitions and Ranking Points.

Follow your favourite artists and stay notified about their latest videos or live performances.

Communicate with your favourite artists via Video comments, Profile discussions, Live Streaming or Live Event Chats.

Create playlists from your favourite artists’ videos and share them with other fans. Or follow the most popular playlists created by Loudar users.

Do you also want an opportunity to earn money with Loudar? Find out How!

Support favourite artists

Loudar is a first-ever platform that allows you to appreciate an artist’s talent and support them financially. If you like the act, then you can drop a coin in the Performer’s Virtual Hat by clicking the VOTE button!


ARTISTS RECEIVE 50% royalties (or more)

So now you can truly support your favourite artists by clicking a $1 Vote on their music video, where artist receives a minimum 50% royalties* – so you can directly fund your favourite artists!


  • Gain audience and industry exposure
  • Win prizes in monthly competitions and qualify for the Grand Final
  • Win Grand Final and boost their career
  • Move up in Loudar ranking system and increase % of royalties, receive prizes and qualify to Grand Final.

Share videos and Generate Income

Loudar offers simple tools to generate income for all users, including fans and viewers.

Yes! You can earn money by simply sharing talent videos to your social networks!

Every time you share a video our unique system called Viral Agent tracks all visits and views coming from viewers referred by you. Once any of those viewers Vote for this video you receive your Viral Agent payment of $0.10. That’s right, 10 cents for 1 successfully referred Vote.

As a Viral Agent, you can share as many videos as you want, it doesn’t cost anything and you get rewarded for promoting and supporting talented musicians.