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BETA Invitation

Online Music Talent Search – Australia and New Zealand

You are invited to join Loudar – a music video revolution providing a genuine long-term income opportunity for independent artists. For the first time, you receive at least 50% of royalties from direct fans support. You also get a chance to win prizes in monthly competitions and gain industry recognition.


Set up your artist’s profile

Enjoy full access to all features of your profile. Upload your talent videos and test out available tools to start growing fan base.


Earn money from day one

Promote your videos by inviting fans to support you by voting on your performance.


Help us improve the beta version

Share your feedback about your experience with Loudar. Send us your comments, report issues or tell us which features need improvement. Together we can make it only better.


Win $2,000 cash prize

Submit one of your videos to a ‘Upcoming competition’ where the audience will vote for the best talent and you get a chance to win AUD$2,000 cash price (details announced soon).

See you there!